Nora and Ryan

Invite you to join them in the celebration of their love


Nora and Ryan

It was the fall of 2007 when Ryan and Nora met in 7th grade at Rutland Middle School. As fate would have it, Ryan and Nora shared a last name with the letter W; this small coincidence resulted in Ryan being seated directly in front of Nora in both Social Studies and English. As the semester went on, Ryan and Nora became great friends and shared many funny moments and good times together. Their friendship expanded from just inside the classroom, Ryan and Nora started talking after school over MSN and playing Club Penguin together.

They remained close friends throughout middle school, although never romantically involved, they loved growing up and maturing together. In high school, their social groups went separate ways, although they’d find later on when they reconnect they both considered each other close friends during this time as well.

Years passed and Nora took to travel, exploring Canada for the next two years and making many memories along the way until ultimately deciding to come back home to be closer to her family. She didn’t just come back home alone though, she brought back her special furry friend with a very big heart, Binoo. Nora enrolled in business school and picked up a job at the winery next door. Little did she know that she’d fall in love with the industry and move to Penticton to pursue viticulture and viniculture. Jumping around several specialized jobs in wine between Kelowna and Naramata, she loved what she did and wasn’t afraid to let her social media know it.

Meanwhile, Ryan jumped right into studies, specializing in computer sciences and programming. Landing a successful job as a software engineer at a local marketing company and progressing quickly with the company after his first two years of studies, he decided to pause school and concentrate on work instead. The company grew, as did he, until he eventually decided it was time to create his own business with some of his colleagues. While out at a marketing conference in San Jose, they came up with the brilliant idea of doing a local wine tour when they get back home. There was one special person from his social media that immediately came to Ryan’s mind that would turn the wine tour idea from a simple suggestion to the beginning of his own happily ever after.

Nora was overjoyed to help Ryan with the wine tour, although having some doubts in the back of her head that he might be signing her up for an MLM. They agreed to grab lunch together beforehand to catch up at one of Nora’s favorite spots in Penticton, Brodo. They immediately were like they were just back in Middle School, although matured since then it was just like where they left off. After such a wonderful lunch and tour afterwards, Ryan finally worked up the courage to ask Nora out to their first date at Waterfront Wines, where they were introduced to their favorite winery, Lariana Cellars. The wine was great, the only thing better was the company. From then on the story writes itself, Ryan and Nora have been inseparable since, moving in after a year, getting engaged and building their brand new forever home. They have just one last thing to do to meld their lives together officially before starting a family of their very own.

The Day Of

Sunday, May 14, 2023
4:30 in the afternoon

Fitzpatrick Family Vineyards at Greata Ranch Peachland, BC
659 BC-97, Peachland, BC


6:00 PM @ Fitzpatrick Vineyards

An evening of dinner and dancing to follow

Traditional Indian Attire Or Cocktail Attire

Greata Ranch

Gift Registry

We are so grateful to have everything we need in starting our next chapter of life together. Please know that your presence on our special day is more than enough, but for those who have expressed an interest, we’ve listed the charities closest to our hearts. A contribution would be most appreciated in lieu of a gift.


In Memory of Rick Whittaker

BC Cancer Foundation

On behalf of Prem Wariache

Parkinson BC

On behalf of Balbir Wariache


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